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New roofing tools take the industry by storm

New roofing tools like specially adapted hammers with magnetic heads are taking the industry by storm, making it easier than ever for roofers to do their jobs.

Will thatch tax affect roofers in Bristol?

Roofing services Bristol might find themselves in big demand from owners of listed buildings who want to get their roof repairs completed before the Chancellor’s Heritage Tax comes into force.

It’s spring! Time to get those roof repairs done

It’s now officially spring, the season for spring cleaning and getting all the external repairs done to your property. And that includes the roof!

Roofers in Bristol should make sure their tools are secure

Roofers in Bristol may want to stay on their guard after a contractor reported that a thief stole £2,000 worth of equipment from his van.

Roofing work is not a priority for Bristol primary school

A city council is refusing to prioritise work that could create opportunities for roofers in Bristol.

Scottish roofing contractors are in for a busy time

Roofers in Bristol will no doubt have seen on TV the amount of devastation that was caused by last week’s high winds in Scotland.

Falls from roofs are still too frequent says HSE

Roofers in Bristol may want to make sure they have the correct safety measures in place after a spate of recent prosecutions by the Health and Safety Executive.

Roofers in Bristol can help you install a green roof

Roofing services Bristol are probably used to enquiries from people who want a solar roof installed, but are they prepared to install a green roof?

Will your home insurance cover a roof repair?

Many UK households may be in for a nasty shock if their home requires a roof repair and they do not have the insurance cover to pay for it.

Roof repair proves fatal for Christchurch man

Southampton Crown Court recently heard that a man from Dorset died after falling through a damaged rooflight that he had been contracted to repair.