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Roofing firm faces £23m claim after factory burns to ashes

After a West Midlands factory burned to the ground several years ago, one roofing firm is facing a massive £23 million claim this week. The copper tubing factory for Bilston-based Mueller Europe was gutted by flames in 2008, and the firm has blamed Central Roofing Ltd for the horrific blaze based on the fact that […]

Roofing firm raises its biggest charity contribution to date

One roofing firm celebrated a major milestone this week as it stands proud after raising their largest total ever for charity.

Will Bristol roofers start taking on apprentices?

Roofers in Bristol may be interested in a new campaign that was launched at the city’s zoo recently.

Bristol roofers must ensure their work environment is safe

Bristol roofing contractors should make sure they take the maximum safety precautions when working on high roofs.

Roofing contractors fined for breaching HSE regulations

Bristol roofing contractors may be interested to learn that a father and son were recently fined for allowing a roofer to work without safety equipment. The two Oldham men Oldham were partners in a company called Cladding Coatings.

Church installs stainless steel roof to thwart thieves

Bristol roofers may be interested to learn that thefts of metal have forced a Lincolnshire church to install a stainless steel roof.

Are you considering installing a solar roof?

Bristol roofers will tell you that installing a solar roof on your property can be a good way to guarantee an inflation-proofed income. However, some rogue firms are trying to cash in and leaving homeowners out of pocket.

Bristol roofers convert flat roofs to low sloping ones

If you live in or around the Bristol area, make sure you contact a reputable firm of roofing services Bristol to carry out any necessary roof repair work.

Ask roofers in Bristol to make sure your roof is weatherproofed

As we say a fond farewell to another British summer, roofers in Bristol are preparing themselves for busy times ahead.

Bristol roofers should brush up on Health & Safety

Bristol roofers may want to brush up on Health and Safety Executive regulations after a roofing contractor in Lincolnshire was prosecuted recently for allowing two staff members to work without proper safety gear.