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Roof on Lincolnshire enterprise centre harnesses technology

An enterprise centre in Lincolnshire is poised to harness cutting-edge technology after roofers installed a cutting-edge roof featuring photovoltaic cells.

The Lord giveth while the rogue trader taketh away

Just as the roof of an historic church is saved from decrepitude another report emerges how rogue traders have fleeced thousands of pounds form hapless victims.

Roofers see millions come, other see millions go

Good news for one roofing firm this week as it’s awarded a £3m contract; bad news for another ordered to pay £21m in the wake of a roof fire.

Criminals are giving honest roofers a bad name – again

If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s the fact that there are criminals going about everywhere, pulling the wool over the eyes of elderly pensioners.

Don’t fall for the latest scam, officials warn

It seems as if the cheats and charlatans of the world have been out in force and that they’ve descended upon the roofing profession as a wonderful place to be.

Scammer posing as roofer caught, jailed

A man who was caught posing as a roofer in order to scam elderly pensioners from their hard-earned cash has been both caught and sentenced.

Tenant nearly suffocates from council re-roofing effort

It was revealed this week that the tenant of a council house was exposed to the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning due to a bungled council re-roofing effort.

Beware scammers posing as roofers, authorities warn

Watch out for nefarious scammers working in pairs and purporting to be magnanimous roofers looking to undertake wok for you for ‘free,’ police officials warn.

Specialist roofing business launched in Crawley

Big news this week is that a specialist roofing business was launched in Crawley, with another branch to open in Luton and additional location sin the New Year.

Roofing firm faces £23m claim after factory burns to ashes

After a West Midlands factory burned to the ground several years ago, one roofing firm is facing a massive £23 million claim this week. The copper tubing factory for Bilston-based Mueller Europe was gutted by flames in 2008, and the firm has blamed Central Roofing Ltd for the horrific blaze based on the fact that […]