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Two men found guilty in £12,000 roofing fraud scam

A roofing scam that saw an elderly woman from Harpenden fleeced of £12,000 has ended with two fraudsters being found guilty for their actions.

Good Samaritan roofers come to aid of swindled pensioner

It’s a proud day to be a roofer in the UK after it has been revealed that a group of roofing specialists have come to the aid of a swindled pensioner.

Cumbian roofers revitalises Coronation Street

One Cumbrian roofing firm has won the honour of revitalising the set for Coronation Street, the iconic ITV soap opera, as it moves to a new filming location.

Roofers fined after failing to use proper safety measures

The Health and Safety Executive has fined one Blackburn-based roofing firm £750 after the company neglected to implement safety measures for its employees.

Smailholm Tower’s turf roof shortlisted for award

Roofers in Bristol may be interested to read about one of the buildings that has been shortlisted for the UK Roofing Awards 2012.

It’s spring! Time to get those roof repairs done

It’s now officially spring, the season for spring cleaning and getting all the external repairs done to your property. And that includes the roof!

Roofers in Bristol should make sure their tools are secure

Roofers in Bristol may want to stay on their guard after a contractor reported that a thief stole £2,000 worth of equipment from his van.

Can the voice of God deter metal thieves from church roofs?

Roofing services Bristol may be called upon to install “voice of God” alarms to church roofs in a bid to deter thieves from stealing copper and lead.

Roofing work is not a priority for Bristol primary school

A city council is refusing to prioritise work that could create opportunities for roofers in Bristol.

Help prevent asthma with eco-friendly roof tiles!

Eco-friendly roofers in Bristol may be interested to learn about the success of an innovative brand of roof tiles that were launched four years ago.