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New roofing tools take the industry by storm

New roofing tools like specially adapted hammers with magnetic heads are taking the industry by storm, making it easier than ever for roofers to do their jobs.

Borough council decides on £1 million roof

Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council has decided to act on its plans to install a £1 million roof in the borough in an attempt to save some cash in the future.

Scammers masquerading as roofers in North Baddesley

Better watch out: there are a group of four scammers masquerading as roofers in North Baddesley – and they have already made off with £2,000!

Roofer works hard to repair church roof damaged by thief

In the wake of a thief causing £30,000 worth of damage to a church by nicking its lead, a local roofer has gone above and beyond to rectify the matter.

Don’t muck about with mesothelioma-inducing roof asbestos

Listen up: if you’ve got asbestos in your roof, don’t muck about with that mesothelioma-inducing rubbish, as you could end up with massive fines from the HSE.

Sometimes roofers are their own worst enemies

It can be tough working as a roofer in the UK, but sometimes roofing specialists do little more than shoot themselves in the foot with their behaviour.

Has the world gone mad, or just our roofers?

I don’t know if it’ something in the water or what, but it seems like UK roofers have gone completely around the bend according to the latest news stories!

A few bad apples can’t keep good roofers down

It’s not easy being a roofing specialist in the UK as any number of bad apples can crop up from time to time, but good roofers do their best to carry on.

Rogue traders and tragic ends for roofers

This week it seems that no one is safe, what with reports of rogue traders victimising innocent home owners – and a good Samaritan roofer meeting a tragic end.

Pushy roofer jailed for 5 months on harassment charge

Bullying elderly couples into having work done on their roof when there’s no need has proven to be a losing proposition for one rogue trader in Wirral.