New roofing tools take the industry by storm

Industry news review: week ending 26 March 2015

New roofing tools like specially adapted hammers with magnetic heads are taking the industry by storm, making it easier than ever for roofers to do their jobs.

The majority of these new tools turn out to be coming from one particular individual – a roofer  that had been frustrated with how difficult it could sometimes be to pound tacks down into a roof. Cuban immigrant Juan Carlos Fraga, who arrived in the United States some 20 years ago, experimented with making hammers with magnetic heads; the result was that it made him quicker on the job and also made it less likely that he’d smash his own fingers whilst taking care of business.

The tool works out splendidly, as tacks stick to the head of the tool. This means roofers can hammer them down with just one hand whilst the other can supply more tacks for subsequent roof shingles. While the original prototypes were just for his own use, soon his co-workers began to clamour for hammers of their own – and as a result Fraga founded his own tool company. The rest, as they say, is history.

It’s interesting to think of how a little invention created in the US by a Cuban immigrant has spanned the world as one of the most valuable tools for anyone who clambers around rooftops for a living, but it’s true: from roofers in Bristol to those in New York, it’s rather unanimous that the little tool has made a big difference in not just speed and ease of use but also safety. If you’ve ever smashed your knuckles with a heavy hammer you’ll know exactly just how much that hurts, and after a long day of doing it time and again as you labour to fit a new roof to a residential home somewhere under the hot, baking sun you’d doubtlessly be ready to go out and buy a whole shedload of magnetic hammers yourself if it meant not having to soak your hand in a pail of ice water at the end of the day!

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