Scammers masquerading as roofers in North Baddesley

Weekly Industry Recap: week ending 12 March 2015:

Better watch out: there are a group of four scammers masquerading as roofers in North Baddesley – and they have already made off with £2,000!

A gang of four ended up fleecing an elderly couple, approaching them and telling them that their roof needed work. However, as soon as the pair handed over the money the bastards fled without doing even one jot of work. Can you believe it?

Police in the area are absolutely livid and are on the hunt for the four rogue traders that victimised the poor elderly couple. They’re particularly interested to see if anyone caught the quartet of scammers on private CCTV footage.

This is of course startling and terrible, considering how the poor couple were tricked out of their cash. Worse still is that North Baddesley is less than two hours from Bristol – and that means this gang of con men could be coming to our area to give roofers in Bristol a bad name!

Police gave a description of the four, who were all white and dressed in dark work clothes. One is said to be 0ver 6 feet tall and in his 20s. The man has close-cropped dark hair and is clean-shaven; he acted as the salesman of the gang. The three other men involved are said to be a bit older – between the ages of 40 and 50, according to the estimates of the victimised couple.

I really can’t believe that such a despicable crime was pulled, especially by a group of bastards who were masquerading as legitimate roofing specialists. It absolutely makes my blood boil, and I can only hope that these four men are caught. If they’re not complete idiots they’re unlikely to hit North Baddesley again, but that means that if they do try to fleece some other unsuspecting home owner it will likely be somewhere relatively nearby – and that’s why I say we should watch out here in Bristol for any four blokes matching their descriptions.

The police are of course urging anyone with any information regarding these four to come forward immediately in order to help with the investigation. I know I’d be rushing to ring them up if I knew anything.

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