Roof on Lincolnshire enterprise centre harnesses technology

Weekly Industry Recap: week ending 5 March 2015:

An enterprise centre in Lincolnshire is poised to harness cutting-edge technology after roofers installed a cutting-edge roof featuring photovoltaic cells.

The Fairfield Enterprise Centre in Louth has a new cap of solar panels atop it that will help to lower its electricity bills, generate extra income, and also aid in lowering the carbon footprint of the district council. Over the 20-year lifetime of the new roof, the photovoltaic panels should be able to generate almost £234,000 through the Feed in Tariff subsidy scheme from the Government and the savings over energy supplied by the grid, cutting costs for East Lindsey District Council by a sizable margin.

These modern solar cells are a far cry from the kinds roofers could fit to buildings in the past. In fact, new technological developments have made photovoltaics so efficient that the panels on the enterprise centre are likely to generate nearly 40,500 kWhs every year – that’s almost 68 per cent of the electricity demand for the entire building. Not only that, but with the ability to sell back extra electricity by feeding it into the grid itself, there’s a potential for maximising any additional income as well.

Councillor John Upsall, the portfolio holder for finance for the council, was absolutely chuffed to bits to announce the new initiative. He said that the solar panels are perfect for not only generating long-term cash for teh council but also to help reduce its energy bills as well – and he promised that any energy savings will be passed along to any businesses that end up occupying the building over the lifetime of the solar cells. The councillor also added that the carbon footprint reduction capabilities are also a welcome benefit for the council as well. The new roof will likely pay for itself in just six short years, thanks to the incredibly high 15 per cent return on investment predicted for the solar cells.

Now if you ask me this is just bloody miraculous; it’s something that should be rolled out to each and every building across the UK to capitalise on the amazing ability of the sun to power our world. Mark my words: roofers are going to have to learn how to fit solar cells to buildings in the future if they want to leverage this new technology!


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