Roofer works hard to repair church roof damaged by thief

Weekly Industry Recap: week ending 26 Feb 2015:

In the wake of a thief causing £30,000 worth of damage to a church by nicking its lead, a local roofer has gone above and beyond to rectify the matter.

The community surrounding the Cambusnethan Old and Morningside Parish Church in Coronation Street, Wishaw has pulled together spectacularly after it was revealed that some stone-hearted criminal had left gaping holes in the church’s roof, letting the elements stream into the edifice.  Local roofer David Brooks stepped up to the needs of the church, allying with joiner Gary Collins to replace the stolen lead with a rubber-based material that would be worthless to thieves in the future; kirk minister Rev. Iain Murdoch praised both Collins, Brooks, and the entire community for coming together to support the church’s plight in the wake of the theft.

The nefarious act came to light shortly after the winter weather turned foul; coping with it lasted through December and into the first weeks of January as repair teams struggled to re-seal the roof from the elements. In the meantime, six weeks of freezing rains and snow have wreaked havoc on the inside, with church members scrambling to catch dripping water in pails, buckets and even saucepans while errant drips were soaked up with continence pads and towels across windows.

Even now, after the roof has been re-sealed successfully, Rev. Murdoch says there’s  no way to know how much damage was actually done until the church dries out on the inside.  Once Brooks finished his role in mending the roof, he was called out to Manse Road, where it turns out that South Motherwell Parish Church was also victimised by a lead thief. Thankfully the roof of this church was much more accessible that the one in Coronation Street, making its repair job a bit more easy to handle.

Honestly I’m incensed by this story. Who in the world actually steals lead off the roof of one church, let alone two? I’m not even particularly religious, but I know that doing so is worse than stealing from the poor box. I’m truly disgusted and I hope they can somehow catch the bastard who was responsible for this.


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