A few bad apples can’t keep good roofers down

Weekly Industry Recap: week ending 21 Mar 2013:

It’s not easy being a roofing specialist in the UK as any number of bad apples can crop up from time to time, but good roofers do their best to carry on.

In fact, it takes more than a face full of pepper spray to get a trio of roofers out of the game for very long, especially when the law is on their side. The man who sprayed the three, Wayne Sawyers, was recently been sentenced to 15 months of jail time for his little temper tantrum following his accusation that the roofers, who were working on a neighbour’s house, smashed his hanging baskets and tossed asbestos into his garden.

Our three stalwart heroes, John Thompson and his two sons Dale and John Paul, were verbally harangued by Sawyer as they clambered down off the roof, only to catch pepper spray full in the face by the irate Sunderland householder. Sawyers told a different story in court, claiming that he used an angina spray on the trio of roof workers, but the courts could tell that story was complete and utter rubbish and threw the book at him instead.

Apparently Sawyers grew irate after he saw a piece of errant cardboard blow into his garden as the three roofers were re-felting his neighbour’s garage roof. The now-convicted man claimed that the bit of cardboard was asbestos, and grew even more incensed the following day when he claimed the roofers damaged his fence and smashed his hanging baskets; that was when he called the family of roofers down to his forecourt, came up to young Dale, sprayed him squarely in the eye, and then hosed down his brother and father when they came to his aid.

Too bad for him the whole debacle was caught on CCTV, which more or less sealed Sawyers’ fate and saw the three roofers vindicated. The 39 year old Sawyers was found guilty of each of the four offences he was charged with, and if you ask me it couldn’t have happened to a nicer bloke.

Of course not all interactions between roofers and home owners are quite so violent; in fact it’s quite common for good Samaritan roofing experts to come to the aid of householders that have been taken advantage of by rogue traders, and one roofing firm recently did just that when Sandra Broughton, a pensioner in her 80s, was aided by Wilkins Roofing Contractors. Mrs Broughton had paid a whopping £600 for a previous firm – Your Local Roofing Company – to fix her roof, only the repairs were never carried out because the company had ceased trading, but Wilkins stepped in and completed the work for her free of charge.


You can bet your life that Mrs Broughton didn’t go and pepper spray the kind souls from Wilkins Roofing Contractors for their selfless service. In fact, she just couldn’t stop thanking them!

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