Pushy roofer jailed for 5 months on harassment charge

Weekly Industry Recap: week ending 7 Feb 2013:

Bullying elderly couples into having work done on their roof when there’s no need has proven to be a losing proposition for one rogue trader in Wirral.

50 year old Gwyn Hamilton has to spend the next five months in jail after he was found guilty for putting undue pressure on a pair of elderly pensioners. In addition to jail time, Hamilton was told to pay compensation, was made responsible for the legal costs of his trial, faces an additional 18 month ban on driving, and was told that not only may not not cold call in an attempt to generate more business for himself but he may not do so anywhere in the entire country.

Judge Michael Ableson of the Wirral Magistrates’ court found Hamilton guilty of both fraud and aggressive trading based on how he treated the couple, aged 82 and 80, as he originally informed the couple that their roof needed £37 worth of repairs, only to have the costs miraculously balloon to £275. Hamilton was found to have both bullied and intimidated both elderly victims, one of whom was not only recovering from a recent quadruple heart bypass but is also suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

Judge Ableson called Hamilton exploitative of the elderly and an outright liar based on how the overly aggressive roofing specialist informed the couple that he would come rip tiles from their roof unless he was paid. Declaring that he had a responsibility to protect the elderly from people such as Hamilton, the judge made sure to bar the roofer from ever calling upon anyone uninvited ever again by invoking the Criminal Antisocial Behaviour Order, also known as a CRASBO.

Nothing of value to the roofing community was lost by the court’s decision, as prosecutors said that Hamilton’s work was so sub-standard that it will surely improve the overall quality of roofing work in the UK as a result of his incarceration. Considering one of the man’s proclivities to put the nation’s elderly through his horrid behaviour, getting thrown in jail couldn’t have happened to a nicer bloke!


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